Stephanie’s gift of channeling is unparalleled. She is able to take on the personality of the soul/spirit she is channeling and the messages are deeply powerful and authentic. A session with her helped me heal some deep wounds from my past, gain insight into my present and look forward to the future. What I like most about working with Stephanie, though, is her compassion. She checked in with me after each message and helped me process it. She even followed up with me a few days later to see how I was doing. I can’t recommend her more highly, for private sessions and group events. She is amazing!

Mary R

When I decided to seek out a spiritual coach, I was prepared to take my time because I thought it would be awhile before I found the right fit. Stephanie literally showed up as I was starting to put more energy into my desire to deepen my spiritual connection. Working with her already has resulted in exciting changes – from my prosperity mindset to calling in spirit guides and healers when working with clients. Her approach is down-to-earth and practical, while at the same time expanding into the Universe and its beautiful mysteries. Her ability to also call in guidance from spirit guides and relatives allows her to serve as a sort of etheric bridge for my growth. I’m excited to see how my own healing practice will evolve as I spiritually grow and awaken with Stephanie.

Susie K

stephanie levenston life coach

Stephanie is an amazing professional. Her channeling has brought clarity to the issues in my life and I’ve benefitted immensely from working with her. Stephanie’s professionalism and service are like none other. I highly recommend spending time with Stephanie.

Stuart N.

I highly recommend Stephanie as an intuitive guide. She has a beautiful gift that allows her to tune into an energy of love and healing and help others make use of their own intuition as well. I have been privileged to have Stephanie guide me through her intuitive channeling and I learned more through her readings than all the therapy I have explored.  Very professional. I would highly recommend her.

Sheri G

Stephanie is such an AMAZING presence and has been a profound addition to my life! I have worked with her twice now, and both times have been instrumental to my life! She is LEGIT and AMAZING!!

Alysondra D.

What makes Stephanie so special and so interesting to work with is her ability to bring out the raw and crucial elements required to build upon who we really are inside, who we want to be and what we want to go after. I wasn’t aware of how much personal and professional guidance I needed until we started unraveling the necessary yet difficult components that were blocking my growth as a person and success as a professional. It was then when I realized that I truly deserved more in my life and needed assistance going after my dreams and Stephanie was the right person to help me reach my full potential.

Dawn D

Business Owner, Marketing and Graphic Design Specialists

I feel blessed by having been led to Stephanie Levenston’s professional path and by being able to experience, and benefit from, her superior, abundant and authentic gifts.  Stephanie is deeply grounded in her understanding of the laws and ways of the Universe.  She is unusually perceptive, insightful, energetically sensitive, steady, clear, sincere in intent, non-judgmental and gentle as she guides you to your deeper understanding and awareness of your own gifts…I can’t wait for the next session!


Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

It has been my privilege to work with Stephanie Levenston as my coach for the past several months. She is a very talented and knowledgeable professional and has enabled me to open up to new and exciting paths in my own spiritual and professional growth. I highly recommend her and intend to continue with her myself.

Joanne F

MA, LCSW Psychotherapist

Stephanie is a gifted and powerful channel. Her connection to higher consciousness is deeply insightful, healing and provides clear guidance for my path in life. Her wisdom and intuitive connection has supported my parenting, my career and enhanced relationships present and past. I highly recommend her!!

Stephanie H.

Truly the most insightful, powerful reading I have ever had. Stephanie clarified challenging relationships for me and told me what I needed to hear to remove the barriers that are getting in my way. My previous thinking was faulty and has been turned on its head. I have a much clearer idea of what I am supposed to do next and know how to get the help I need to do it. Stephanie has a divine gift and I believe she is being called to help people who have the greatest capacity to create a positive ripple effect in the world. I will be sending the most amazing people I know and love her way!

Bettina F.

I had the good fortune of experiencing Stephanie’s Intuitive Channeling. She is of pure heart and intention & I felt that her insights were very helpful to me. She shared information and messages for me that were very useful to my life. I left the session joyful and with a greater sense of well-being. having my soul be witnessed with unconditional love was very affirming.

Shanti G.

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